Guiding hurting hearts to a place of peace through intuitive and energetic healing

Lighting your way

Caged by circumstance and have lost touch with hope
Disconnected from your intuitive nature
Struggling to make real progress on your health journey
Longing for deep soul nourishment

this is for you if you are

So elusive, that peace you’ve been searching for. So disheartening, that inability to take a full breath.

It's time to awaken your sense, renew your soul, and create space for true healing.

find your medicine in the moonlight

Too many of us are wounded and suffering alone in the dark woods of our psyche. Be it physical, emotional, and spiritual pain we feel trapped. Frozen. Grieving the life passing us by.

I’m a highly sensitive soul, much like you, in a not so sensitive world. I’ve found healing in the company of the celestial night and carry its wisdom to others. 

Together we can unblock, uncage, and set free your intuitive self.

Your spiritual guide and energy healer

I'm Artemis

Just like the phases of the moon our creativity flows in cycles. But what if the cycle is stuck? Let’s renew your sense of wonder, play, and magic.


Intuitive Creativity Coaching

Bitterness, extreme fatigue, anxiety, or an overall heaviness is a cue to pause. Let’s find where energy has become trapped and clear the path for release.



If trauma and stress has you locked in chronic survival mode, it’s time to soften. To return to a state of ease and build capacity for deeper healing.


System Reset

Which path is calling to you?

Nock your arrow and aim true

Client Whispers

-Narcissa Malfoy

"Artemis' gift for healing brought me back down to Earth. I truly felt like I was trudging through my days, aimless, and unable to really FEEL! I felt so much lighter and clearer after just the first session.”

-Molly Weasely

“I feel like we tracked down pieces of my heart that have fallen away over the years. It’s been so transformative to embark on this journey of finding wholeness.”

-Luna Lovegood

“I never knew I needed a community like the Moon Folk Circle! What a beautiful opportunity to bond with like-minded souls…to explore lunar magic, folklore, and mindfulness."

Harry could tell that this news meant something to Moody and very much wanted to know what it was. 

How to work with Bach Flower essences

Harry could tell that this news meant something to Moody and very much wanted to know what it was. 

13 Day nervous system support cleaning

Harry could tell that this news meant something to Moody and very much wanted to know what it was. 

Lunar cycle Intention Setting Workshop

A monthly membership to work with the energy of the lunar cycle. Set intentions, share insights, and explore new rituals for grounding in each season of your life.


Sometimes the greatest healing is found in community

a peek inside my quiver

Resources to sharpen your aim