If you’re here, you likely know that feeling well.

It’s an endless and exhaustive paradox. Feeling trapped by circumstance, desperate to change, we try and force our way out. We cling to control. Yet the more we try to control our healing, the more disconnected we feel.

Energy resists control. When control becomes our default we become stuck.

A spiritual healer can lead you through the unseen.

When Sunlit Paths Grow Dark,The Moon Guides you Through Shadow.

The paths ahead seem dark.
You’re frozen and can’t seem to trust your own intuition.
You feel you can’t do this alone.

Healing of the self is rarely a solitary process. Partnership can be the purest medicine, a way to replace force with flow.

Flower essence work
Lyre music


A copy of Women Who Run With The Wolves
A piece of Tourmaline for protection
A small deer totem for guidance




(Yes, I’ve hugged a few trees in my days) 

Living from a place of gentleness & curiosity

I’ve long been a protectress of the natural world and have found great wisdom in the whispers of plants, stones, and rippling water. There is an energy to all things, though it’s not easily understood.

In a world that favors logic over intuition and doing over being…it’s no wonder we sensitive creatures get out of sorts.

After years of battling my own demons and losing paths in the dark I turned to the masters. My teachers: Minerva Mcgonagall, Albus Dumbledore, and Sirius Black helped me learn the language of energy.

From chronic pain with a tight grip, to creative starvation of the soul…I’ve helped countless folks find peace. Peace they thought surely abandoned them. 

I’m Artemis, energetic & spiritual healer

Meeting your moonlight guide

Client Whispers

-Hermoine Granger

"I felt completely stuck in my unhealthy masculine energy and with Artemis's help we reconnected with my feminine flow.”

-Helena Ravenclaw

"I feel playful and in tune with nature. I can take a FULL breath for what feels like the first time in years."

-Hedwig Potter

"We unraveled a sticky mess of trauma that I didn't realize I had been carrying day in and day out"

Lost in a fog, longing to create. It’s time to tune back into your nature.

Intuitive Creativity Coaching


Your uncomfortable feelings are signs. There’s something in need of tending.

Reiki Healing

Unblock stagnant energy

On edge and full of fear is hardly a way to live. You deserve peace.

The Nervous System Reset


Choose your starlit path

Pick up your bow and find your silver arrow

A guide to lunar healing and self-care.

Celestial Stillness

Download this free resource

Balance: Wildness is a path to softness.
Freedom: No soul should be caged.
Stillness: True peace is found in pause.
Listening: Tuning in is our greatest tool.
Flow: Life, like water,
must have room to run freely.

Beliefs that light our way